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How will I know if windows can be cleaned using Reach & Wash®?

Providing you can see the windows in a straight line from the ground, then all window types can be cleaned with the Reach & Wash® system.


The poles look heavy and it looks like hard work, is it possible to work with them all day?

Window cleaning has always been hard physical work. Those who are experienced working with hand tools from ladders or other access equipment find working with the Reach & Wash® system much easier.


Will the windows be cleaned to a good standard?

When cleaned using the Reach & Wash® system windows will be cleaned better, and stay clean for longer. It's worth remembering that as well as the glass the window frames will also be cleaned and the sills rinsed as part of the process.


How does the cleaner know that the window is thoroughly cleaned when they can't see the window close up?

Unlike window cleaning with hand tools when the outcome depends upon skill of hand and eye co-ordination, Reach & Wash® is a process whereby the outcome is guaranteed provided the brush following purified water is passed over the window in a set pattern. With Reach & Wash® no skill is required, only the ability to […]


Compared to sectional poles what are benefits of telescopic Reach & Wash® waterfed pole system?

When extended telescopic poles are progressively lighter toward the top and are therefore easier to use. Also because the ground level varies around buildings it is often necessary to adjust the pole length in small increments. Telescopic poles are quickly and easily adjusted to the perfect length whereas the only way to adjust a sectional […]


How high do the waterfed poles reach?

The longest Reach & Wash® water fed pole reaches 25mtrs (80ft) from the ground. However, it is important for operators to become experienced in handling the shorter Reach & Wash® poles before using poles above 14mtrs (45ft).


How does The Reach & Wash® system clean without detergent?

The simple explanation is that by providing a pure water cleaning system, you can clean without the need of detergent because when applied to the window 'pure water strives to return to its natural impure state'. For a more scientific answer read on


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